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Our Holiday Cruise Through Toy/Meal Drive was a Success!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

With everything that was going on in the world, we knew we needed to do all we can to bring the holiday spirit to our community. On December 20th we rolled up our shop doors and transformed it into a Winter Wonderland of lights and giving hearts. We reached out to the community and invited everyone that was in need of support whether it'd be getting those gifts under their tree, having a meal for the night, providing essentials to stay healthy, or just in need of some holiday cheer.

Donations and helping hands came flying in! Long nights of wrapping presents, hanging lights paid off and we were ready for the event. With excitement and anticipation in our hearts, we saw the line of cars build up even an hour before we open the gates! When that first car rolled in and seeing their faces glow under all of the festive lights, we knew all of the hard work was so worth it.

Each car was able to receive:

  • An age appropriate gift for each child.

  • Stocking full of treats and goodies

  • Any needed toiletries or essentials

  • All sorts of infant essentials like diapers, wipes and clothing for young families.

    • A meal from The Modern Tea Room or FitChow


A special thank you to Lancaster High School, City of Lancaster, The Modern Tea Room, FitChow, Antelope Valley Partners for Health and all of the volunteers that made this amazing experience possible.


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