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Congrats GOOD+LIFE Apprentices!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Huge day for us at the shop! Today we had the honor of celebrating our apprentices. They’ve been busting their butts for the last 12 weeks completing the training program! Those were 12 long weeks of soft skills training @lacountyofficeofed and hands on industrial workplace training with us. It wasn’t easy, especially working while observing all COVID safety precautions, but we all made it across the finish line together.

Today they received all their certifications and awards, we couldn’t be anymore proud of every last one of them. Very excited for what the future holds for them as well as this program!

Thanks City of Lancaster, CA – Government for the closer look at our recent graduation. Grateful to have such involved partners with us on the GOOD+LIFE MFG. Program!

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