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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Lancaster California. North Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley. Our address is 44528 Beech Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534
  • What is the age requirement for the Work Program?
    Ages 18-24.
  • Is this program specifically for disadvantaged youth?
    Our program is targeted toward disadvantaged youth that are either; at-risk, in the foster system, or low income.
  • What can I do to help your program?
    There are many ways you can help our program! DONATE 100% of donations go to creating opportunities for youth in our community! Donate now SHOP: 100% of earnings from the shop go to our programming. Shop Our Merch SPONSOR: Join our team to start making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged youth. Contact us
  • What makes Lost Angels different from other vocational training programs?
    Lost Angels Work Program offers paid vocational training in classic car restoration. You will learn to weld, fabricate, assemble engines, basic electrical, bodywork, paint & prep, and composites. You will work on real cars and earn a real paycheck. These skills are immediately transferable to local industries such as automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, aircraft manufacturing and general manufacturing. We provide soft skills instruction, help you build a resume, write cover letters, attend mock interviews and help you with your job search until you get hired. We also identify and help you overcome any barriers you may face to getting a job, including finishing your high school diploma or GED, obtaining a driver license, reliable transportation (vehicle registration, tags, insurance), criminal record expungement, credit repair, opening a bank account, stable housing, glasses, and more. To be honest, we are not aware of any other programs like ours.
  • Does it cost money to enroll in the work program?
    No, there is absolutely no cost to our students other than coming every day with the determination to build a better life.
  • How long is the work program?
    The Lost Angels Work Program is 12 weeks long and offers four training cohorts each year.
  • What are your graduates doing now?
    Our graduates are still working hard, and we are proud of every one of them! Some of our previous students have landed jobs with companies that include Northrop Grumman, BYD, Delta Scientific, Stratolaunch, and Edwards Air Force Base.
  • I've never worked with tools or on cars, can I stilll apply for the program?"
    Absolutely! Every student comes in with different levels of skills.
  • Will this program help me get a job after I graduate?
    Although we cannot guarantee each student will find employment after graduation, we actively help each student in their job search process. If any student does not find employment upon completing our program, we continue to work with them until they do!
  • How do I sign up for the program?
    To sign up please fill out the inquiry form. Once submitted, someone will contact you. Fill out the form
  • Can I bring my car in to be restored?
    We are not accepting outside car restoration projects at this time. If you are interested in donating a car to the program please contact us for information. Contact us
  • What should I expect to learn while in the program?
    Students receive hands-on instruction in classic car restoration including welding, fabrication, engine assembly, automotive electrical, bodywork, auto paint & prep, composites 3D CAD design, 3D print and CNC Plasma Cutting. Students also receive forklift training and certification, soft skills instruction, learn how to write resumes, cover letters and attend interviews. Finally, students learn how to work and be a valuable employee. We pride ourselves on the reliability and work ethic of our graduates. When you complete our program, you will be 100% ready for a job! Learn More
  • Do you drug test?
    Yes, in order to prepare our students for careers in the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries. we conduct random drug testing throughout the course of the program.
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