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Lost Angels Youth Living
by Micheal J. Libow

Lost Angel's has partnered up with Micheal J Libow to help bring affordable and safe living to youth in the Antelope Valley. With our young people now securing sustainable wage jobs in the industry. They face a new struggle of finding affordable housig. We plan on tackling this barrier with creating a temporary living situation for our high barrier students.

Front of house
Students cleaning

We need your help to make this a successful project. With this house, we would be able to help with furnishing this house with the proper living equipment. This is what the house's current state was in.

Against all odds, our students were able to come out on top. This new t-shirt design represents the adversity our crew has faced to get here. All t-shirt purchases directly support our housing inative

Our Christmas Tool catalog of Custom CNC products is the perfect gift guide for that wrencher in your family. All proceeds from this will also go towards the Housing Funds

Brick by Brick. For all donations over $XYZ, you will have your name on this house forever as a staple as an individual that was able to turn this house into something special.

Lastly, you can share our social Media posts and updates to help spread the word of what we are trying to accomplish. Your support has always been very much appreciated.

Students Carrying old furniture
Students Cleaning

As we tear this house down, help us build a new one to help brighten the youth

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