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Before kicking off the new semester, Lost Angels would like to give a special shoutout to all of the Women who have put in the time and work to succeed within our program and who are now in fulfilling jobs within the Manufacturing Industry! Our Lost Angels ladies have graduated into jobs within manufacturing making amazing wages, and they will only go up from there! Starting out, our graduate's have secured jobs at Pacific Bend Manufacturing, Stratolaunch, BYD, and Cinnabar! It is incredibly fulfilling to send our student's off and watch them secure their spots and show their skills--like Ashley Almendares who is starting off strong as an Intern Manufacturer at Stratolaunch making $24/hr! Inspiring! We encourage Women ages 18-24 who are interested in joining the manufacturing industry to join our program and jumpstart their journey with our help. We broke down a list of our Women graduates and their paths post-graduation, and they are excelling!

Here's the run down:

Vanessa Flores-Pacific Bend, manufacturer $17/hr,

Karla Carrillo- BYD, Project Assistant $20/hr,

Destiny Prieto- Cinnabar California Inc. apprentice welder $20/hour

Shyanne Brooks- Cinnabar California Inc. apprentice welder $20/hour Paola Melgar- Cinnabar California Inc. apprentice welder $20/hour

Lost Angels Work Program hopes to see more Women apply next semester!


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