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Another Successful Year at Ventura Nationals

We had such a blast at the 17th annual Ventura Nationals Kustoms, Hot-Rod, and Motorcycle Show! Where there was plenty of good food, sick cars, and great times.

This event is always a ton of fun for us and it's something we look forward to all year. We put so much work into our booth, our merchandise, and of course the custom El Camino. It's always so rewarding to see our efforts pay off at show. The feedback from the crowd there was so positive, and we've never felt so much love before!

Entries for the '59 El Camino giveaway were lucrative! We're very proud to announce, that in an unprecedented twist for the first time ever, we completely SOLD OUT of entries! See the video of the drawing at here.

We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped us make this years event so hugely successful. Can't believe we've done six giveaways, each one has taught us some valuable lessons in one way or another. Can't wait for next years show, make sure to keep up with the shop and be the first to find out what next years giveaway will be by following us on instagram and facebook.

Respect & Gratitude

Lost Angels Children's Project

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