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Teach'em Young Challenge

What knowledge are you passing down to today's youth? Let us know!

You could win family 4 pack

Disneyland Day Passes!

See instructions below


1. Follow


on Instagram

2. Post a picture or VIdeo

Of yourself engaged in an activity with your young one(s). Tell us what you're doing and why it is important. Be sure to use the hashtag #TEACHEMYOUNGCHALLENGE

3. Challenge 3 friends

Within the caption "@" 3 friends to participate, and that's it, you will automatically be entered into the drawing for the Disneyland Family 4 pack day passes!


Your account must be public to be entered to win.

The Lost Angels Children's Project (LACP) is challenging parents, guardians, aunts/uncles, older siblings, teachers, mentors, role models and generally anyone who has a relationship with youth (under the age of 18) to show the world the positive impacts they want to make and continue to make in their lives. It’s called the TEACH’EM YOUNG CHALLENGE, and its goal is to raise awareness about the lessons and knowledge we’re leaving the youth of today.

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