Youngsters Making a Difference!

We've collected a few recent stories of some youngsters going that extra mile, mobilizing within their communities to help others, not only are these kids raising awareness but they're also raising spirits during these tough times. We thought these were worth sharing! Major respect and gratitude to these youngsters!

15-Year-Old Girl is Giving Away Hundreds of Free ‘Sanitation Kits’ to Homeless People

This 15-year-old girl is helping to protect some of California’s most vulnerable people from the dangers of the novel coronavirus outbreaks. Shaivi Shah has rallied her fellow honor society students into helping her give away more than 250 low-cost “sanitation kits” to homeless shelters around Los Angeles. What an amazing kid! #goodjob

16-Year-Old Has Been Using His Flying Lessons to Deliver Medical Supplies to Rural Hospitals Fighting the COVID Pandemic

16-year-old TJ Kim may not have his driver’s license yet, but he has been flying planes all over Virginia in order to deliver medical supplies to rural hospitals fighting the novel coronavirus. Didn't even know you could fly a plane without a driver's license, wow. #respect

17-Year-Old ‘Angel’ Cashier Picks Up $173 Grocery Bill for Senior Shopper Who Found Himself Short on Cash

This 17-year-old grocery store cashier is being hailed for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a senior shopper. This is such a wholesome and selfless deed, how many part-time minimum wage workers do you know who would do this? #givethiskidaraise

Maryland Teens Go On Grocery Store Runs for Seniors and Vulnerable Neighbors Amid COVID-19 Fears

These two teens’ big hearts and their break from high school in Maryland was the highlight of 73-year-old’s week.

The two sophomores from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland have devised a way for Marylanders to get together and protect their grandparents and loved ones who have health conditions, by delivering the groceries and necessary supplies.

In 3 days, the teens have recruited several volunteers from other private and public high schools in Maryland as well as Washington, DC. They are now also recruiting college students to deliver groceries to older Marylanders and other vulnerable people.

Way to mobilize in your community guys! #united #twothumbsup

Teens Launch Hotline for Isolated Seniors to Listen to Pre-Recorded Jokes, Stories, and Messages of Hope

As a means of entertaining lonely adults during the novel coronavirus outbreaks, a team of Canadian high schoolers created a hotline that plays pre-recorded messages of positivity.

The Joy4All project was launched by students from the Ever Active Schools recreational leadership program run by the Calgary Board of Education.The youngsters say they created the free hotline as a means of comforting quarantined seniors across North America. However, people of all ages are encouraged to dial 1-877-JOY-4ALL

Siblings Filmed Playing Sweet Spontaneous Porch Concert for Elderly Neighbor in Self-Isolation

People around the world are finding more and more positive ways to help their neighbors during the pandemic—from buying groceries for elderly people in self-isolation or sharing toilet paper with those in need. These two young siblings from Columbus, Ohio heard that their 78-year-old neighbor was self-isolating herself, so they treated them to an impromptu concert.

Want to recognize a kind deed(s) in your community? We want to know, please tell us about it at goodlife@lostangelscp.org

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Photographs courtesy of @Mr_Rhythm on instagram

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