Donate your car, truck or motorcycle to help local disadvantaged youth get a leg up in their careers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the car donation process work?

Call us to discuss the vehicle and pickup. Once we have your information, your car will be picked up, and we will issue your IRS tax deductible donation receipt.

How is the value of my car donation determined?

The IRS allows the donor to determine the fair market value up to $500. If we sell your donated car for over $500, the IRS allows you to claim the selling price.

When donating a car, does it have to be a running?

No. We accept ALL car donations - whether running or not.

Do you accept other donations besides vehicles?

Yes. In most cases, we also accept trucks, vans, conversion vans, motorcycles, and RV's.

What documents do you need from me if I donate my car?

You will need the title for the vehicle you are donating and a lien release or original termination statement if there was ever a lien holder listed on the title.

I cannot donate my car but would like to help support your program another way.

If you cannot donate your car but would like to extend help to our students, we would greatly appreciate any support. How Can I Help?